Top Ways to Make An AC Last Longer

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Most of the central air conditioner systems have a lifespan only of 10 to 15 years, plus replacing them could be a very expensive affair. Shelling money out on AC repairs can be extremely heavy on the pockets, especially if there is wide wear and tear or major breakdown.
As a consequence, it’s vital to get the best out of your investments. Taking the right actions today can assist you extend the Air Conditioner’s lifespan, at times by another 15 years!

Below are basic steps you should take if you wish to extend your Air Conditioner unit’s lifespan:

Get Professional Tune-Ups Done – Preventive air conditioners maintenance is the most effective solution for helping your Air Conditioner unit last longer. So, get them professionally inspected, cleaned, and serviced by AC Repair Litchfield Park, in order to prevent minor problems from turning into big problems down the roads. Schedule a routine maintenance with certified AC company only. Not only do the professional AC technicians know what potential problems to look out for, they also can conduct prompt repair services where required.
Keep the AC Protected and Cool – Avoid placing outdoor and indoor units in the direct sun or even near other heat-generating appliances. Use heavy drapes and blinds indoors and put the outdoor unit below a shady awning or tree for added protection. But, you should install it at a sufficient distance so that leaves and twigs don’t become stuck in fan. Ensure to keep area around the system free of weeds, loose dirt, and grass clippings as well.
Ensure It Is Debris-Free and Clean – Like any other big appliance in your house, your air conditioner works more efficiently if it is well-maintained and clean. Follow the manufacturer guidelines for its seasonal cleaning, and always keep the outer unit clear of grass clippings, mud, and other debris. In order to improve performance, always have the inner coils cleaned professionally on a routine basis. Also check out for water pooling inside drain lines, and take the unit higher in case water is gathering near it.
Remove The Air Flow Blockage – Other than clearing the space near the condenser, ensure that the indoor air circulation stays unobstructed as well. Keep the area near return inlets and cooling vents clear of any obstacles, and remove built-up dust near the dampers with vacuum cleaner. Additionally, ensure that furniture and drapes aren’t blocking the air flow between any rooms either. If cooled air can freely flow through the home, the AC doesn’t need to fight against the pressure imbalances.
Inspect Air Ducts Regularly – The ducts for AC system push the conditioned air from cooling and heating units in your house. If there are obstructions, leaks, gaps, or loose seams in duct work, the cool air can easily escape before reaching to rooms, and the AC needs to work harder. Hence, check all ducts on regularly, and repair any damage immediately that you find out. Also ensure that ducts have sufficient insulation, and offer joints with additional support where required.
Change Air Filters – Air filters in the AC are possibly the most essential component in the terms of efficiency and performance. During scheduled AC maintenance, the AC technician will evaluate and change your filters, but you might need to do so more often.
Usually, the air filters must be changed in every couple of months. They can become clogged with pollen, pet dander, or dust tough, therefore, change them more frequently if you reside in a dry and dusty area or the home has bad air quality.
Keep in mind, if you treat the air conditioner well, then it will last much longer. Other than the above listed tips, use programmable thermostats and ceiling fans to decrease the loads on your Air Conditioner, and turn off on the cooler days.


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