Electrical Fires- Causes And Prevention

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Electricity is now an essential part of our lives. We are dependent on it to the extent that we cannot imagine our lives without it. But every good thing comes with a price. As much as it has made our lives easy it has also become one of the leading causes of house fires. Every day we are hearing about the accidents caused by the fault in the electrical system. It is important to follow some precautionary measures in order to keep the home safe from the electrical fires.

Let’s understand what causes the electrical fires:

  • Faulty sockets and appliances – Old appliances fall short on the safety standards so it gets important to replace them. Old receptacles and sockets are also the major cause of fires along with the appliances. The sparking outlets can start the fire when any combustible objects touch the spark. So it’s important to address the issue immediately.
  • Poor electrical connections – Whenever there is a flow of current, it produces the heat. In normal condition, the wires are designed to manage this little amount of heat but when the wires are damaged and frayed they cannot handle the heat buildup resulting in the house fire. Failing appliances and damaged electronic devices create more heat than it should, leading to electrical fires.
  • Loose or damaged outlets – Loose outlets cause poor connection resulting in the sparking. You need to tighten the screws of the loose outlets and replace the damaged ones to ensure the safe working of the outlets.
  • Damaged switches – Like outlets, switches can also get damaged. They are not meant to last forever, so they too need replacement from time to time. Loose switches can make the lights to flicker. To fix the trouble the wire nuts behind the switch needs to be tightened.
  • Old and corroded fixture – A light fixture has a life of 20 -40 years after which it starts to degrade. The wire inside the fixture will start to corrode and the fixture will not be able to hold the light bulb in place. If the bulb in the light fixture starts to flicker, it means it’s time to replace the old fixture.
  • Overloading the circuit – When the number of outlets falls short, we use extension cords or adapter and connect many devices to one outlet. It overloads the circuit causing your circuit to trip again and again. Every time when your circuit trips it indicates that your circuit was overloaded. Frequent tripping of the breaker can damage it to the level that it stops to work efficiently after a certain time. Plugging too many appliances in a single cord gives rise to the danger of electrical fires. If you need more outlets, get them installed but don’t use an extension cord for a prolonged duration.
  • Improper wiring methods – Always call Electrician Litchfield Park to fix the wiring problem in your home. An expert electrician has completed many years of study to gain sufficient knowledge and the experience. So he is the right candidate to handle the wiring of your home.
  • Holiday decorations – Festivals are the time when most of the cases of electrical fires are heard. Extension cords are used for the decoration and there is too much use of lights. All this can cause the electrical fires. Use of candles makes the situation worse. Protect the extension cord and avoid them from making any contact with the water or snow. Keep the extension cords well arranged so that no one falls because of them. Keep your pet away from the cords so that they don’t damage them. Put the candles out when you are not present in the room. These small steps can help you in preventing the electrical fires.


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